The NatureTheatre

A new era at the forest park Bad Elster

  • Impressive event atmosphere at the
    NatureTheatre Bad Elster

In 1911 the royal saxon gardener Paul Schindel built the NatureTheatre as first of its kind in Saxony. The reason for the construction in the unique forrest landscape was Goethes epic poem »Hermann and Dorothea«, to which Goethe, poet of all poets, was inspired by the natural spring of Bad Elster.

Besides the Goethe festival there had been performed different events, especially music theatre and spoken theater with a great public appeal until 1952.

After a deep sleep of over 50 years the NaturalTheatre was spectacularly reopend with the opera »Der Freischütz« in 2007. Since then numerous inspiring events took place on the clearing of culture.

In 2018 the over 100 years old venue was modernised as well as significantly expanded. The modern navigable canopy ensures a maximum of independence to the weather.

A unique event atmosphere - Experience it yourself!