• Bad Elster town entrance

A guide to the NatureTheatre Bad Elster


There are two official, well-marked parking lots from which you can comfortably reach our venues:

Parking lot »Zentrum«
(pay parking at the Albert Bad, approx. 450 spaces)

Distance on foot:
- ca. 5 minutes
King Albert Theatre - approx. 5 minutes
Royal Convalescene House - approx. 5 minutes
KunstWandelhalle - ca. 8 minutes
Saxon Baths museum - ca. 8 minutes

Parking lot »NatureTheatre«
(large parking lot with free parking at the entrance to the town) 

Distance on foot:
NatureTheatre - approx. 8 minutes
King Albert Theatre - approx. 12 minutes
Royal Covalescence House - approx. 12 minutes
KunstWandelhalle -approx. 15 minutes
Saxon Baths museum - ca. 15 minutes 

The exact location of the parking lots is shown on the orientation map of Bad Elster.


  • Vogtlandbahn to Bahnhof Bad Elster (train station)(2.5km outside of town)/li>
  • Bahnhof Adorf with a connecting bus to Bad Elster

The latest train schedule can be found under  Deutsche Bahn Information. 


  • Line V-9:   Plauen - Oelsnitz/V. - Adorf/V. - Bad Elster
  • Line V-26: Reuth - Sohl - Bad Elster
  • Line V-27: Schönberg/V. - Bad Brambach - Bad Elster
  • Line V-30: Klingenthal  - Markneukirchen -  Adorf/V. - Bad Elster 

The latest train schedule can be found under Vogtland information.


Airport Distances
Hof 40 km
Kárlovy Váry (CZ) 65 km
Dresden 170 km
Leipzig 170 km
Nürnberg 180 km