• Bad Elster town entrance

A guide to the NatureTheatre Bad Elster


There are two official, well-marked parking lots from which you can comfortably reach our venues:

Parking lot »Zentrum«
(pay parking at the Albert Bad, approx. 450 spaces)

Distance on foot:
- ca. 5 minutes
King Albert Theatre - approx. 5 minutes
Royal Convalescene House - approx. 5 minutes
KunstWandelhalle - ca. 8 minutes
Saxon Baths museum - ca. 8 minutes


Parking lot »NatureTheatre«
(large parking lot with free parking at the entrance to the town) 

Distance on foot:
NatureTheatre - approx. 8 minutes
King Albert Theatre - approx. 12 minutes
Royal Covalescence House - approx. 12 minutes
KunstWandelhalle -approx. 15 minutes
Saxon Baths museum - ca. 15 minutes 


The exact location of the parking lots is shown on the orientation map of Bad Elster.


  • Vogtlandbahn to Bahnhof Bad Elster (train station)(2.5km outside of town)/li>
  • Bahnhof Adorf with a connecting bus to Bad Elster

The latest train schedule can be found under  Deutsche Bahn Information. 


  • Line V-9:   Plauen - Oelsnitz/V. - Adorf/V. - Bad Elster
  • Line V-26: Reuth - Sohl - Bad Elster
  • Line V-27: Schönberg/V. - Bad Brambach - Bad Elster
  • Line V-30: Klingenthal  - Markneukirchen -  Adorf/V. - Bad Elster 

The latest train schedule can be found under Vogtland information.


Hof40 km
Kárlovy Váry (CZ)65 km
Dresden170 km
Leipzig170 km
Nürnberg180 km